Estuary Pop. Heavenly harmonies and twangy tones from the East Bay, West Bay, the Best Bay. Too country for Hillsdale; too trashy for the Overland. We played in Japan and had fun. We pretty much have fun everywhere. Except the dentist. That place is no fun. Twice-yearly checkups folks, for better oral hygiene!

What's Happening?

Look for us at the Eagle playing with your friends Radio Flyers! Thursday June 7.

Happy May Fifth. We had a great time with Trip Wire (thanks for letting us use your gear!), Adrian the sound guy, Brendan the Bartender, Billy the Barback, and a bunch of our friends, for a fun night at the Make Out Room



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Come to a show and pick up our EP Wish You Were... on No Egrets Records or write to jemenfiche@gmail.com to request a copy.


"Miller's Cave" / "Breakaway" / "What'd I Ever..."

Fun times at the Fireside Lounge

"Giving Up"

We made an appearance in Jon Fukpunk's travel log when we crossed paths at Fifi's Poor Cow in Shimokitazawa.

"Satan is Real" / "What'd I Ever Do To You"

DJ Xerox from NYC hosted his copycat cover night in our own backyard and we sang some Louvin Brothers songs, as well as some of our own.

"Walking Away" / "Luxury Liner"

Cruising at Club Three, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo April 2017

Warming up


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Or send a plain old email to jemenfiche@gmail.com

Past Shows